Hearth Stone


The Gamegune finals are here at last!

8 players will be chosen in this edition to hold the Gamegune 19 title. The winner of Gamegune 18, held during the Euskal Encounter, is assured a slot in this edition.

This tournament consists of two phases:

An online phase from 5 to 11 November, in which the 8 teams will compete for the 4 slots.

A live phase to be disputed in the Vitoria-Gasteiz Europa Convention Centre on 16 and 17 November. The 4 finalists will confront each other in this venue.

Saturday 17th
10:00 - 14:00 Semifinals, final and awards ceremony



Competition Format

  • Standard format.
  • Last Hero Standing (4 cards and a ban)
  • Simple elimination
  • Participants must have 4 hands of 4 different types prepared.
  • To win a game, a player must win three hands.
  • When a player wins with a hand, he will have to keep his card.
  • The loser will have to change hero and cannot use the heroes with which he lost throughout the rest of the round.

General Rules

  • The players must be on Discord throughout the tournament to resolve disputes and doubts that may arise: https://discord.gg/4BQNkma
  • Players have to play their games in the connected mode of Battlenet.
  • The 8 players invited will play a preliminary game at the in-person semi-finals and finals at 17:00 on 10 November.

Final Phases

  • The final phase of competition will have one preliminary phase of hand registration, to take place during the in-person check-in for the event.

Información adicional

Estas son las bases genéricas del torneo; no obstante, la organización podrá realizar cambios en este reglamento para garantizar su buen funcionamiento y que este sea además lo más deportivo posible.

Ante cualquier duda, contactar con: admin@gamegune.org