Clash Royale


The Gamegune finals are here at last!

8 players will be chosen in this edition to hold the Gamegune 19 title. The winner of Gamegune 18, held during the Euskal Encounter, is assured a slot in this edition.

This tournament will be disputed in the Vitoria-Gasteiz Europa Convention Centre on 16 and 17 November. The 8 finalists will confront each other in this venue.

Friday 16th
15:00 Draw
18:30 - 20:30 Play-offs, final and awards ceremony



Competition Format

  • Individual
  • Best of 5 matches (Bo5), overall ban for loser, double elimination bracket.
  • The final phase brackets shall have 8 slots and shall be played in the same clan designated by the competition.

General Rules

  • One minute shall be allowed for bans. Once banning is done, players shall have one minute to launch the match and one minute to accept.
    • The losing player shall launch the challenge after banning.
  • Players may communicate with their staff between games within the time established for bans and during the games they may only listen to the sound of the game over earphones.
  • Should a banned card be found in a hand, the game shall be awarded to the rival although this is not used.

Connection is borne by each player! There will be no possibility for rematch by the opponent or the organizers.

Información adicional

Estas son las bases genéricas del torneo; no obstante, la organización podrá realizar cambios en este reglamento para garantizar su buen funcionamiento y que este sea además lo más deportivo posible.

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